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Council Member, which sports entertainment corporation do you prefer?

An article on the baseball allegiances of New York City Council members made the front page of today's New York Times, headlined In Council, It’s Mets 18, Yanks 13, and Neither 12.


While Council Members were apparently asked about their "team preference," the question could have been better phrased, using language from Bettina Damiani of watchdog group Good Jobs New York, "Which 'sports entertainment corporation' do you prefer?"

Given that context, the next step would be to ask what other entertainment corporations they prefer.

Not in Dodgerland any more

Sports fandom just isn't pure any more. Not that it ever was--but the distance from Dodgerland ever increases. Maybe that's why some of the Council Members expressed no preference.

There was exactly one mention in the article of how the teams played hardball to get new stadiums built:
Councilwoman Helen D. Foster of the Bronx said that she used to root for the Yankees “before they destroyed my community,” referring to the construction of the team’s new $1.5 billion stadium, which replaced public tennis and basketball courts, baseball and soccer fields, and a running track with smaller parks.

Meanwhile, in an article to be published tomorrow (in print) about the departures of key mayoral aides, the Times again ignores the potential connection between Finance Commissioner Martha Stark's resignation and the suspicious reassessment of the Yankee Stadium site.