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Yup, the Brooklyn Paper's moving into MetroTech

As I suspected, the Brooklyn Paper will join the Courier-Life chain in renting space in Forest City Ratner's MetroTech.

I wondered if this might make it tougher to report critically on Brooklyn's most powerful developer.

Then again, as NLG points out, the Courier-Life was pro-AY, in both editorial and news pages, before moving into MetroTech.

I'm going to go out on a limb here and predict that the Brooklyn Paper's news coverage of Atlantic Yards will diminish somewhat (as it already has), and its editorial criticism will diminish even more.

(I don't think it's going out on a limb to predict that the Brooklyn Paper will stop calling attention to political contributions by the Courier-Life's publisher, Dan Holt.)

[Update March 25: Dan Holt is no longer listed as the Courier-Life publisher; that job goes to Clifford Luster, part of the family of longtime owners, who's listed in the print issue but not the web site. I'm not sure when Holt left, but he and Luster were co-publishers when the chain was sold in September 2006.]

Alternatively, AY could become even less important if Rupert Murdoch's News Corporation consolidates the two semi-competing chains into some hybrid Courier-Paper.

Oh, I'm still waiting for Gersh Kuntzman to answer my questions.