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Atlantic Yards/Pacific Park graphic: what's built/what's coming + FAQ (pinned post)

Reducing Noticing New York’s Amanda Burden post to a Tweet

Noticing New York's Should a Teardrop be Shed- Considering the Burden? clocks in at 6663 words, which makes AYR, by comparison, seem concise.

Michael D.D. White's analysis of City Planning Commission Chairperson Amanda Burden is worth a read, but if you don't have the time, consider that the microblogging service Twitter limits posts (aka Tweets) to 140 characters.

A. Burden. Worked on BPC. Worried about BPC teardrop park, based on superblock. Park < AY superblock. Burden likes AY. Sincere? Prob. not.


  1. Post also incl 34 images: 1 pic= 1000 wrds ergo 34000 + 6663= equiv 40,663 words.
    (81 Twit-characters)

    Sez 2-TALL blgs= shadow prob w/ re AY greenspaces.
    (50 Twit-characters)

    Looks @ NYTymz puff piece crediting A. Burden w/ AY “>” AYR reported faux. NNY was told AB & CPC along for <&”>” AB credited with.
    (131 Twit-characters)


    The post also presents 34 images. If pictures are worth one thousand words and the post clocks in at 6663 words, then the post comes to the equivalent of 40,663 words. Besides superblocking, the post evaluates the likely poor quality of the Atlantic Yards greenspaces given that unprecedentedly tall buildings crowding in will block light. Big problem?: Not a “shadow” of a doubt!

    Lastly, in a New York Times puff piece Amanda Burden took credit for “reducing” the size of Atlantic Yards. Atlantic Yards Report has throughly covered how that reduction was not a true reduction since the megaproject was increased shortly before the New York Times was used to advertise this size “mark-down.” Available information plus what City Planning told Noticing New York makes clear Ms. Burden and City Planning was along for the unadvertised “mark-up” that preceded the advertized size “mark-down” with Burden taking credit.

    Michael D. D. White
    Noticing New York


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