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The Brooklyn Paper says Markowitz "doth protest too much"

The Brooklyn Paper, following up on my article about Borough President Marty Markowitz's grievances about press coverage, editorializes that the BP "doth protest too much." Indeed, the Paper makes a strong case--even more than I did--challenging Markowitz's claims that the press has been too hard on him.

The newspaper cites four recent contracts to his “Best of Brooklyn” charity and that "conveniently amount to $24,999 each"--just short of triggering city oversight. Also cited is Markowitz's receipt of $900,000 from the mayor's office for his concert series and his receipt of donations from Atlantic Yards developer Forest City Ratner.

The Brooklyn Paper also asks why Markowitz won't discuss "the inner workings of the deal he has with the Courier-Life newspaper chain to publish his “Brooklyn!!” promotional publication. A Brooklyn Paper review discovered that publicity and printing are a huge part of Borough Hall’s discretionary budget — costs that could be a payback to the Courier-Life chain for its consistently positive coverage of Markowitz."

The editorial closes:
Markowitz can decry the press all he wants, but until he offers explanations, people will see him for what he really is: A man who hopes that the booming voice he uses to champion Brooklyn will drown out questions about what he’s actually doing and whom he actually serves.