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Where the Mobil station stood, an empty lot

Less than a year ago, there was a busy (but blighted!) Mobil station at the northwest corner of Flatbush Avenue and Dean Street.

It closed around December and, as the wide-angle photo below from Tracy Collins shows, it's all been cleared.

There are still people living in the white building at left and the tan-yellow building at center.


  1. i'd prefer high density residential here to a gas station any day.

  2. thats a fine opinion, but what would be there is a billion dollar basketball arena

    The gas station and mechanic shop was taken using the threat of eminent domain; it was taken from a 25-year old successful business for the purpose of Bruce Ratner's land speculation.

    I'd rather have a gas station than that.

  3. That was my mechanic. It took me years to find someone I knew I could trust and to build a relationship with them. Ever since they've closed I've had nothing but bad experiences with other mechanics.

    When an old, established and thriving neighborhood is torn apart like this to be replaced by an unnatural planned community, there are all sorts of negative impacts.

    Where are the people in my neighborhood?


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