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Are the Nets' roster moves partly in case the team might be sold?

NetIncome, the blogger behind NetsDaily, is a critical supporter of the Nets and their endeavors, so his musings about the front-office strategy are worth remembering, just in case Forest City Ratner turns to Plan B:
We find the Nets’ policy of not signing players for more than two years a bit rigid… and some of us are skeptical that it’s all about Lebron. We suspect it’s about cutting back on salary commitments just in case Brooklyn falls through and the team is put up for sale. Whenever any business with poor growth prospects starts cutting back on long-term commitments, selling assets, investors believe that company is “in play”, meaning up for sale.

In other words, maybe the Nets are clearing space to sign superstar LeBron James, a friend of part-owner Jay-Z, when he becomes a free agent in 2010. Or maybe not.

Given that it's highly unlikely the Atlantic Yards arena would be open for the beginning of the 2010 season, that would put an asterix on the storybook quest to relaunch the LeBron Nets in 2010.