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Stop-work order at Ward Bakery

[Updated: 11:05 am] Demolition at the Ward Bakery between Pacific and Dean streets was met with a stop-work order because the work is alleged to undermine an adjacent building and also because of an injury.

While the overview indicates it's been resolved, Department of Buildings spokeswoman Kate Lindquist says, "The Stop Work Order is not 'resolved.'” (The word is used by DOB as an administrative tool to track complaint dispositioning.)

(Photo by Tracy Collins.)

She offered this explanation, "The Stop Work Order was issued on Monday after a worker, employed by Gateway Demolition, was injured during demolition work. The worker was brought to a nearby hospital. The Stop Work Order remains in effect. Workers are able to conduct remedial work to maintain a safe site – such as removing loose debris and tools – but demolition remains halted at this time. The Stop Work Order will remain in effect until the engineer of record, Thornton Tomasetti, fully assesses the structural conditions of the building and submits a revised demolition plan taking into consideration its findings."


  1. Anonymous10:58 AM

    the stop-work order was not only because the demolition was alleged to undermine an adjacent building (the currently still occupied homeless shelter), but also because of the collapse of a 15x15 ft section of floor.

  2. I believe the partial roof collapse and injury of the worker actually took place yesterday. I live opposite this demolition and the shaking has been considerable. It's hard to believe the adjacent building (the shelter), with less than 6 inches of separation, is still occupied.


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