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Launch of Nets' suite sales met with partial shrug

While the New Jersey Nets and Forest City Ratner put a lot of effort (Tiffany key chain!) into launching the sale of suites in the yet-unbuilt (heck, ground has not been broken) Barclays Center last Thursday, the media responded with what must be considered a partial shrug. The Barclays Center web site (right) touts articles from the Bergen Record, the Newark Star-Ledger, and the New York Times, but that Times article--as I failed to point out in commentary last week--appeared only online.

The media roundup includes several blog posts and coverage on WNYC radio, but the tabloids--which previewed the announcement in March--didn't cover the event. I think that's a recognition that the story, for now, didn't deserve more attention.

Of course, the entire announcement should've been treated with more skepticism--I read the locution about opening "in calendar year 2010" as allowing for a lot of wiggle room. (There were some skeptics on the NetsDaily blog.)

And, if Atlantic Yards stalls further, we'll see if NoLandGrab's Eric McClure was right in his Shakespearian observation of the Nets' CEO:
NLG: Alas, poor [Brett] Yormark. He and his Nets and Forest City Ratner cronies doth protest too much, we thinks, when it comes to the unrelenting efforts to dispel the inconvenient Nets-to-Newark rumors.