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Brooklyn Paper "Newspaper of the Year"? Yes, but "a," not "the"

The top news of the week, the Brooklyn Paper tells us, is that The Brooklyn Paper is ‘Newspaper of the Year’, according to the Suburban Newspapers of America trade association. The group praised the weekly's Atlantic Yards coverage, among other things.

The lead in the print edition:
The Brooklyn Paper has been named “Newspaper of the Year” by one of the nation’s largest newspaper trade associations.

It might lead to the impression that the Brooklyn weekly is the newspaper of the year. But that's not so; the trade association gave "newspaper of the year" awards to six newspapers: two dailies and four non-dailies.

More context

For more clarity, check the slightly longer article the Brooklyn Paper published online only. The lead began:
The Brooklyn Paper is a Suburban News­papers of America “Newspaper of the Year,” the group announced on Monday.
(Emphasis added)

Also in that article, but missing from the print story, was this context:
The Paper was cited for general excellence in its category of newspapers, the com­petitive class of larg­est circulation week­lies.

You'd think a "newspaper of the year" would want to get it right.


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