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Journalists and the AY timetable

Do you accept the official story or are you allowed to express skepticism? From today's Daily News, in an article on the AVP Volleyball Tour co-produced by a Forest City Ratner subsidiary:
"This will allow us to start doing business in Brooklyn before the Atlantic Yards Arena opens in 2009," [executive Chris Brahe] said. "This way we don't have to wait two years."

But no one who's checked the construction schedule believes that the arena would open as scheduled in 2009.

Yesterday, in an interview with Metro for its Blogarithms column, I said, "After all, Atlantic Yards could take 20 years--it's supposed to take ten, but no one believes it."

That view is not limited to opponents and critics. Project landscape architect Laurie Olin has said it could take 20 years, as has project supporter Kathryn Wylde of the New York City Partnership.