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Volleyball tournament returns; Barclays is on board

Last year, the inaugural AVP Brooklyn Open, the pro beach volleyball tour stop in Coney Island, was a "Brooklyn Sports & Entertainment Event, in Partnership with Atlantic Yards." I noted that the AY promo was a little odd, since it hadn't been mentioned in the initial press release. And they're both part of Forest City Ratner.

This year it's just a "Brooklyn Sports & Entertainment Event," according to a promo I received in the mail. Now that Atlantic Yards has been officially approved, does it no longer need the plug? Maybe not: a Forest City Ratner press release repeats the "partnership with Atlantic Yards" language.

Now the Barclays Center, announced in January, is a sponsor, as noted on the AVP event web site. Ever heard of Brooklyn Burger? Apparently there's no end to capitalizing on the Brooklyn connection. The tournament will be Aug. 23-26.