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Atlantic Yards/Pacific Park graphic: what's built/what's coming + FAQ (pinned post)

One correction made, more missed regarding Times's Ratner/Gehry piece

From today's New York Times:
A picture caption last Sunday with the continuation of a cover article about the developer Bruce Ratner's projects misstated the site of his Atlantic Yards development. It is on rail yards and other land in Prospect Heights and on a block in Park Slope. It is not in Downtown Brooklyn, although it is near that neighborhood.

I'd actually missed that error, but, then again, I'd thought they'd put the "Downtown Brooklyn" mistake to bed, once and for all.

Still uncorrected: Nicolai Ouroussoff's statement that "Mr. [Bruce] Ratner has lopped several stories off the biggest towers in negotiations with the city." Actually, the tallest building, Miss Brooklyn, remains 620 feet, and the second-tallest was increased from 510 feet to 511 feet.

Also uncorrected: the use of a graphic that portrayed the 512-foot Williamsburgh Savings Bank as nearly as tall as Miss Brooklyn and a good bit taller than the 511-foot second-tallest building proposed in the Atlantic Yards project.