Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Some confirmation on the ESDC's mystery volunteer: it sure sounds like she's in charge

After I suggested yesterday that someday an oversight committee will ask what lawyer Susan Rahm, a volunteer, does for the Empire State Development Corporation (ESDC) on the Atlantic Yards project, I got an interesting email from a reader.

Remember, I had questioned whether Rahm was in a policy-making position, and was told by the ESDC that no, she was just a consultant.

Project manager?

"When I was introduced to Susan Rahm, she was called the 'project manager' for Atlantic Yards," my correspondent wrote. "Yeah, it’s a pretty general term, but I got the impression she was the chief operating official for the project, salary or no."

The writer, who met Rahm not long after she began work on the project, said ESDC officials seemed pleased they had lured her out of retirement. (Officially, though, she's retired.)

While I won't identify my correspondent, I can say that it's someone with a solid reputation for veracity.

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