Saturday, June 06, 2009

The Post says Markowitz flip-flops (and what about the Mayor?)

So, a local newspaper is playing "gotcha," calling out one piece of AY hypocrisy. Let's see if there's more.

The New York Post reports:
Now that star architect Frank Gehry is out as designer for the Nets' planned Brooklyn arena, Borough President Marty Markowitz is flip-flopping and claiming it's for the best.

In December 2003, when developer Bruce Ratner first unveiled his plans for the Atlantic Yards project in Prospect Heights, Markowitz called the Gehry design "world class."

But yesterday, a day after Ratner announced that Missouri-based Ellerbe Becket had been tapped to replace Gehry so arena costs could be shaved, Markowitz told The Post he now believes Gehry's glass-and-steel design was "too ultramodern."

The Post could have pointed to Mayor Mike Bloomberg's flip-flop, as well, but quoted Bloomberg's statement without comment.

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