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Melodrama surrounding contract for star Irving said to alienate fans, show Brooklyn Nets' dysfunction

The soap opera surrounding the Brooklyn Nets and the future of mercurial star Kyrie Irving, whose anti-vax stance and (previous) injuries have caused him to miss a significant number of games, has hit a froth, with unsourced--and, likely, self-serving--bit emerging through favored reporters.

The contract issue may be resolved by Wednesday, June 29.

Alienating the fans?

Meanwhile, the soap opera has alienated supporters.
That's somehow reminiscent of the Bruce Ratner era, as the same writer, Net Income (aka Bob Windrem), wrote 6/26/09 of the team:
It’s traded away its stars. It plays in the worst venue in the NBA, if not professional sports. Its fan base is shrinking and its move to Brooklyn questionable at best. Its respected basketball managers spend most of their time making excuses for an owner who is increasingly unavailable and when he does speak says little anyone believes.
There is no longer trust between those who are most passionate about the team and those who own and manage it. And quite frankly, it’s not going to get better any time soon. In fact, it is likely to get worse. It’s hard to root for the New Jersey Nets...or if you prefer, the Brooklyn Nets or the New York Nets.
In New York magazine, Will Leitch wrote 6/22/22 The Nets Are Outdoing the Knicks in Dysfunction, noting that, while the Nets "have certainly made more of a splash than they ever did in their former home of East Rutherford, New Jersey... the team has proven to be just as dysfunctional as their Manhattan quasi-rivals."

"Since coming to Brooklyn, the Nets have led the NBA in hype, drama, and tumult but have yet to reach the conference finals even once." he pronounced. "They’ve out-Knicks’d the Knicks."

Leitch cites the bad trade with the Celtics, the Nets' low-key rebuild, then short circuited by recruiting superstars, and then the failure to win with those stars, because of injuries, dissension, and (so he says) weak coaching. Also, it seems, roster construction.

Stay tuned: as the saying goes, you're just rooting for the clothes, and the cast wearing Brooklyn Nets jerseys, promoting this sports entertainment corporation, is sure to change.