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When protest at Barclays Center coincided last night with Brooklyn Nets home game, crowd small enough to fit on truncated plaza space

I was skeptical last night that the Barclays Center plaza--er, the SeatGeek Plaza--could accommodate a protest, scheduled for 7 pm, and also a Brooklyn Nets game starting at 7:30.

I was there from about 7 pm to 7:30 pm, and saw perhaps 50-100 people over time, some actively protesting, others perhaps just watching. 

All told, there were several dozen cops visible both at the plaza and around the perimeter of the arena. So, at least for a while, there were more cops than protesters. (And there were probably more, less visible.)

According to others' accounts, the crowd grew somewhat (though "hundreds" might be 100-200) and later marched down Flatbush Avenue, heading to the Brooklyn Bridge. NY1 reported that the group left at 8 pm.

The Daily News, which assessed the group at 200, reported:
During the march, the protest changed its focus from Rittenhouse to defunding the police, walking behind a banner that read “Disarm, defund, abolish.”

Police did not respond, and no one was arrested.
Fox 5 called the protests "peaceful," and quoted Public Advocate Jumaane Williams.