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Two more businesses with a team/arena theme: Brooklyn Net Wellness & Barcklays Pizza & Pasta

Beyond Brooklyn Pets (and Brooklyn Cutz), I recently noticed Brooklyn Net Wellness, a spa on 9th Street in Park Slope.

Unlike those predecessor establishments, Brooklyn Net Wellness has not, apparently, adapted a version of the Brooklyn Nets logo. 

That said, they are using a version of the Brooklyn Dodgers' script with the word "Brooklyn."

According to Yelp reviews, it opened in February 2018. Maybe they think the name is catchy, with some echo of a team that has some expensive and high-performing training tactics, but... it seems like a fairly typical neighborhood spa.

And in Clinton Hill

Then there's Barkclays Pizza and Pasta, the former Kings Pizza at 918 Fulton St. (near Washington Ave.) in Clinton Hill, like Brooklyn Net Wellness not close to the arena. 

Photos on Google Maps (source of the image below) suggest the name was changed in 2017. 

Spelling is either not a priority, or they were avoiding a perceived copyright problem with Barclays.