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Atlantic Yards/Pacific Park graphic: what's built/what's coming + FAQ (pinned post)

Was the Barclays Center "Bloomberg's biggest contribution" to the landscape? Nope.

About that crossroads
That awaits, and will become complicated not just by the existing challenges specifically at Atlantic and Flatbush, but by the potential/future construction of towers at Site 5, catercorner from the arena, bordering that crossroads.

Beyond that, the ongoing construction and expected opening of the B4 tower (18 Sixth Avenue), and the expected construction of the Vanderbilt Yard platform, in two main phases, each of which would support three towers, will complicate--and perhaps improve?--the passage across Atlantic Avenue.

Did the arena transform Downtown Brooklyn?

Well, it's not quite a legacy from the Bloomberg administration, though it is a legacy from the Bloomberg era.

It's hard to tease out the arena and Atlantic Yards from the 2004 rezoning of Downtown Brooklyn, which was birthing new residential towers long before the arena even started construction.

But the Barclays Center surely was a significant part of the changes--even as the associated project, Atlantic Yards/Pacific Park, did not transform the Downtown Brooklyn/Prospect Heights transition zone or fight gentrification and foster a new paradigm of multi-class urban development.

(I'm a little perplexed by the use of the term "ossified," which does mean changing a material into bone, or solidified, but it also means "to make rigidly conventional and opposed to change," which of course would be misleading.)