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In Forbes Global 2000 ranking, Greenland Holding Group rises to 307, from 320; a ranking today would be higher, given recent jump in stock price

Greenland Holding Group (aka Greenland Holdings Group) has risen recently in Forbes magazine's Global 2000 listing, reaching 307 this year, from 320 in 2019 and 341 in 2018. The latter was a setback from 326 in 2017, and 323 in 2016.

Forbes bases its ranking on four broad metrics: a composite score assessing sales (revenue), profits, assets and market value. By contrast, the better-known Fortune ranking of 176, noted yesterday, is based solely on revenue in the past fiscal year.

(Neither ratings addressed issues of debt, which shadow ratings agencies' more tempered views of the company, as I'll write tomorrow.)

Had Forbes ranked Greenland only by sales, it would have reached 158, higher than the Fortune designation. The difference relies, at least in part, on different time periods for calculation.

Rising market value

And if Forbes did its math today, given that Greenland's market value had risen significantly since the magazine's 5/12/20 calculation, it's likely the Forbes ranking would have been higher.

From Forbes
As shown in the graphics from Forbes excerpted at right, Greenland has seen a steady rise in revenues, assets, and profits, though the latter remain relatively modest, at least compared to the company's one-time ambitions.

What's not clear from that graphic is shown in the excerpt below: Greenland's market cap, as of 5/12/20, was $9.8 billion, which dropped significantly from the 2019 figure of $14.1 billion. That's a drop in rank for that metric to 1198 from 986.

That likely reflects the significant variability in Greenland's stock price.

Note that the current market cap is now more than $14.4 billion, due to a jump in stock price in June from about 5.62 yuan to today's 8.19 yuan.  That's based on a market cap of 99.658 billion yuan, according to Yahoo Finance, at nearly 6.92 yuan per dollar, according to
From Forbes

Forbes 2019 rank

As shown in the screenshot below, Greenland was ranked 320 by Forbes in 2019. It was #174 in Sales, #482 in Profit, #233 in Assets, and #968 in Market value.

Forbes 2018 rank

As shown in the screenshot below, Greenland was ranked 341 in 2018. It was #195 in Sales, 
#556 in Profit, #230 in Assets, and #994 in Market value.