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Dubious: a 550 Vanderbilt one-bedroom is on Craigslist for $1,380, well below market.

There's got to be a catch: a one-bedroom apartment in a luxury condo building renting for $1,380, which is well below market rate for even a creaky building in a less-than-great neighborhood? 

Well, for the past week, there's been a direct-from-owner ad for a one-bedroom at 550 Vanderbilt claiming to seek rent for $1,380. And it's on Craiglist, not exactly the source of highest-quality listings.

(Is it a typo? A roommate situation?)

Even at $2,380 it would be well below market, since the least expensive one-bedroom available, according to StreetEasy, is $3,100 per month.

The unit, purported to be 1,026 square feet, is accompanied by copy cribbed from previous promotional language for the building, for example recounting amenities--fitness center, children's playroom--that may not be available during the pandemic.

Oh, and there is no attached garage, despite that claim.


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