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Atlantic Yards/Pacific Park graphic: what's built/what's coming + FAQ (pinned post)

From the latest Construction Update: Saturday work may continue all year at B4 and B15 sites

Looking west across Sixth Ave. at Atlantic Ave.
The latest Atlantic Yards/Pacific Park Construction Update (bottom), covering the two weeks beginning Monday, Jan. 6, was circulated yesterday at 5:24 pm (late!) by Empire State Development (ESD) after preparation by Greenland Forest City Partners.

The only element seemingly new, compared to the previous update, is marked in red type and seems minor: at the Vanderbilt Yard, "Contractor to install minor steel structures (stairs, gates, etc.) in various locations within the yard, no public access ways will be impeded."

It's not clear whether this is part of the completion of the revamped railyard, or a precursor to future work on a platform over the railyard.

Looking north toward Atlantic Ave.
But some repeated boilerplate--unless it's just a careless continuance from the previous update--is probably more significant: Saturday work is expected at both the B4 (18 Sixth) and B15 (664 Pacific) sites "through the end of the calendar year," which suggests, well, 51 more Saturdays. That's a lot of Saturday work.

Also, concrete superstructure work continues at both sites, which means more deliveries and more workers, with neither specified.

Unmentioned in the update, but shown in the two photos, is one apparent change, adding transparency for those turning or crossing Sixth Avenue at Atlantic Avenue: some clear plexiglas, replacing opaque wooden panels.

At the railyard, expected work

During weekdays:
● Site restoration, asphalt installations, light installations, and cable pulling operations will continue in Blocks 1120 and 1121.
● Contractor to continue installing elevator and pedestrian bridge access adjacent to the Carlton Avenue and Pacific Street intersection.

At night and on the weekend:
● Electrical utility installations, site restoration, track restoration/remediation, and work that require LIRR track outages are expected to continue in the yard.
● LIRR may be utilizing portions of the yard lighting for security reasons. This is expected to continue for the next several weeks.

At tower sites

There may be fence repair along Dean Street at the sites of the B12 and B13 (595 and 615 Dean Street) towers.

There's still tenant fit-out work in ground floor retail space at 550 Vanderbilt, presumably for Beer Street.