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Barclays Center releases January 2020 calendar: 14 ticketed events (and no mention of Jan. 1 event)

The Barclays Center yesterday released its January 2020 event calendar, with 13 events, similar to the 14 events in January 2019 but a step back from the 20 events in both January 2018 and January 2017.

The schedule includes ten Brooklyn Nets games, one New York Islanders game, one boxing event, and one concert. Last year there were more Islanders games.

What's missing

The arena is supposed to list non-ticketed events, and for a while named them and estimated crowd size. The Community Notice excerpted above came one day after, and failed to mention, a major event involving observant Jews, as noted on Twitter.

Here's more coverage, including extra security.

January 2019 event calendar

The Barclays Center's January 2019 schedule had 14 ticketed events, including seven Brooklyn Nets games, three New York Islanders games, one boxing event, one MMA event, and two concerts.