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Atlantic Yards/Pacific Park graphic: what's built/what's coming + FAQ (pinned post)

Would you believe it: B12 and B15, according to 2017 press kit, began construction in 2015

There's something odd in the Pacific Park Brooklyn fact sheet/press kit (also embedded at bottom), which was apparently uploaded in January 2017: it claimed that construction had commenced on 615 Dean Street (B12) in November 2015 and on 664 Pacific Street (B15) in December 2015. See screenshot below.

It hadn't. Those buildings were announced, with public presentations by the architects (B12, B15), but never moved forward. (B15 just started last month. B12 won't start until 2020.)

It's sloppy, especially since the document says "Below is the schedule of upcoming groundbreakings," while referring to six towers for which construction has purportedly commenced.

Why mislead people? No solid evidence has appeared. I would note that misleadingly portraying progress was a feature in reporting by an investment packager (aka regional center) to immigrant investors, and those investors said they were in the dark regarding project progress.

Could the developers themselves have contributed to that portrayal, by design or by accident?