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BSE Global's Webster Hall is reopening, and renovations cost far more than projected

From a 2/21/19 New York Times article, Webster Hall Is Returning With Its Old Grit (and New Bathrooms):
When the doors open in April at the renovated Webster Hall — the East Village club, once known as the Ritz, that was renowned for its mix of rock shows and raucous dance parties — music fans will find a revamped entryway and lounge, new bathrooms and upgraded acoustics.
But the most important change may simply be the arrival of an elevator.
But here's the interesting part of the renovation, which began after the club closed down in August 2017 and after the independent club was bought "by BSE Global, the parent company of Barclays Center, and the Bowery Presents, which is partly owned by the concert giant AEG, for a price estimated at about $35 million."

There are lots of improvements, but they cost far more than the once-projected $10 million, Jay Marciano, the chairman of AEG Presents, told the Times, with a laugh: “I won’t give a specific number, but it was a multiple of that... Nothing gets done cheaply in New York City.”

Similarly, many other projects--like, say, the new subway entrance/exit outside Barclays Center--have cost far more than projected.