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Belmont non-update: LIRR station still in question

It's worth remembering this 2/14/19 Long Island Herald article by Ronny Reyes, Belmont LIRR station plans are still unclear:
Last January, the Herald printed a two-part series on the dilapidated Long Island Rail Road Station at Belmont, and the need for a new, year-round station in the proposed Belmont arena project. More than a year later, the prospect for a full-time station at Belmont is still up in the air, despite the insistence of the arena developers and the Islanders that construction of the arena would begin in the spring.
While Empire State Development officials announced that they had secured two trains for events at the arena, which would run from Jamaica to Belmont, local residents and officials have said the service would fall far short of the promised full-time station that Gov. Andrew Cuomo touted when he initially announced the arena project in 2017.
Indeed, a lot of people would be driving:
Other residents and local elected officials said they had hoped train service at the Belmont station would mitigate the traffic, but the two trains that developers say they have secured can only accommodate up to 2,280 arena riders for weekday events and 1,330 for Saturday events. If the Islanders’ first game attendance at Belmont mimicked the nearly 14,000 that came for their return to Nassau Coliseum on Dec. 1, less than a 10th of fans would be able to reach Belmont by train, with the rest having to drive through Queens, Elmont and Floral Park.
The article notes that local officials said their support for the project relied on a full-time station. That said, without a plan in place, maybe they should've been more standoffish.

Stay tuned. This could be very costly, and it's unresolved who'd pay.