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Two signs of more revenue for the Nets

From NetsDaily, signs that the Nets might make a profit for their owner, helped by one increase in revenue, plus a new source:
The Nets negotiated a new TV rights deal with YES Network parent, FOX Sports, a couple of years ago. It goes into effect with this season. It’s substantially bigger than the old deal, about $30 million more, according to sources. That’s on top of the big new national TV rights package the league negotiated.
Despite the Nets low ratings —the worst in the league the last two years, Brett Yormark was able to correct a real disparity left over from the past when the Nets toiled in New Jersey. The old rights package, according to a team insider, was about the same level as the Timberwolves. Now, while the YES ratings have been at the bottom of the league, the audience is still larger than many small markets. This is the biggest TV market in North America after all. A small percentage of New York is a lot larger than a big percentage of a market like Oklahoma City or Minneapolis-St. Paul.
One reason YES is comfortable with predicting higher ratings (and more profits) is the presence of two powerful personalities, D’Angelo Russell and Jeremy Lin.
So stay tuned to see if the ratings actually go up.

Also, as noted by NetsDaily (and previously reported), the Nets will get $8 million a year from the software company Infor for a patch on the team's jersey, part of a new league-wide revenue strategy.