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Atlantic Yards/Pacific Park graphic: what's built/what's coming + FAQ (pinned post)

From Forest City's Gilmartin, a nugget about short-term thinking at publicly traded firms

In a 9/1/17 article headlined NYC’s next wave of dynasties, The Real Deal has an interesting quote about Forest City Realty Trust (formerly Forest City Enterprises) and its New York arm, Forest City New York (formerly Forest City Ratner):
The company is now entering a new phase — and with a new name, Forest City New York — focusing less on development and more on investing in market-rate apartments and office properties.
...Still, [Forest City New York CEO MaryAnne] Gilmartin said private companies have the advantage in the development game because they can make “long-game investments” and don’t need to focus as much on quarterly profits.
“We are subject less to the issues around investments from companies here and abroad and more beholden to the public market,” she said.
On the other hand, private companies are often at the mercy of lenders, who they frequently rely on to provide construction financing. For the last few years, the lending spigot has tightened.
This strikes me as a partial lament/admission that some of the corporate decisions, such as to sell pieces of Brooklyn Nets, the arena operating company, or the nearby malls--all followed by decisions to sell the rest--were driven by the results-oriented bottom line of a public company.

And that leaves the tantalizing possibility that Forest City Realty Trust, which is undertaking a strategic review of its entire portfolio, might decide that it makes sense to unload all or most of the 30% share it has in Atlantic Yards/Pacific Park going forward.