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From BP Adams's OneBrooklyn publication: a Forest City back page ad; rhetoric about contextual development

The front cover
The latest edition of Borough president Eric Adams's promotional newspaper is out, and while "OneBrooklyn" is no carbon copy of "Brooklyn!!", the promotional vehicle for predecessor Marty Markowitz, there are some thematic continuities.

For one thing, as noted below, the advertiser on the back cover is the developer that makes sure to maintain favor with the Borough President: Forest City Ratner.

In the ad, outside of the Barclays Center, the four "great places" pictured in renderings are towers built as part of the Greenland Forest City Partners joint venture.

The joint venture is 70% owned by Greenland USA, whose parent is majority owned by the government of Shanghai. In other words, it could be said--in the Borough President's promotional newspaper--that Greenland "creates great places.

Contextual development

It's also worth noting this exchange, in a feature with 20 questions for Borough President Adams:
Q: How do you defined 'responsible development' in Brooklyn?
BP: Responsive development is contextual in size to the existing neighborhood and involves listening to the voice of that neighborhood in during the development process. The final result should always combine senior housing as well as rents that are affordable for low-income and middle-income residents.
That's a bit of a focus-grouped answer, different from Adams's exclamation, at a mayoral press event in May 2014, "I am clear. Build, baby, build. Build tall, build high."
The back page

Inside the publication, an ad for the Nets.