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Barclays Center releases July 2015 event calendar, also August and September; fairly light schedule, for now

Yesterday, a bit late, the Barclays Center released its July 2015 event calendar, as well as the calendar for the next two months--which obviously may be filled in more.

It's a fairly light month, with a New York Islanders scrimmage, five concerts, and two comedy shows on one night--plus four tours, which are small events.

July 2014 was a little busier, but only because there were multiple Walking with Dinosaurs and Cirque du Soleil shows.

August 2015 event calendar

In August, there will be two concerts, a boxing night, an unspecified "private event", and two days of pro wrestling, plus two days of wrestling load-in.

August 2014 was somewhat busier, because of the circus and Marvel Live.

September 2015

The September 2015 calendar, as of now, is pretty thin, but includes three concerts and three NHL pre-season games, a sign of how the arrival of the Islanders might fill seats.

The September 2014 event calendar--at least as released--was pretty thin, as well, with five concerts, one hockey game, and two community events.