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Atlantic Yards CDC meeting postponed until February 6

Isn't a bit Keystone Kops-like to announce a meeting, with an agenda, then postpone it because some people haven't been appointed yet?

A 10:22 pm message:
Dear Community,
In order to allow for the appointment of a full complement of Directors, the initial meeting of the Atlantic Yards Community Development Corporation is being postponed from Friday, January 30th to Friday, February 6th with the details to be confirmed. 
ESD Atlantic Yards Team
Is it remotely possible the meeting could be moved to Brooklyn?


  1. Anonymous12:02 AM

    Who's on first? Unbelievable. ESD Atlantic Yards Team? ha ha ha ha
    I would call it non leadership at it's finest.

    Norman, thank you for being on top of this.

  2. Michael9:50 AM

    Would this be a historic first for a local CDC to have an inception meeting in another county?


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