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Atlantic Yards/Pacific Park graphic: what's built/what's coming + FAQ (pinned post)

Work on B2 clearly slows, as only six modules delivered in two weeks; sixth floor to start in June, not May

Now that B2, the first Atlantic Yards tower, is officially delayed a year, it looks as though developer Forest City Ratner has seriously slowed down. According to the latest two-week Atlantic Yards Construction Alert, dated today and issued by Empire State Development after preparation by FCR, about 117 modules have been delivered and installed.

That's only six more than the number two weeks earlier, or barely more than .5 module a day, considerably below the 3 modules per day pace in the previous two weeks. The building requires about 930 modules.

In fact, the total of "approximately 117 modules" is fewer than the 122 modules claimed to the New York Times a week ago. (Are they going backward? Did they fib to the Times? Is the current document unreliable?)

Also, while the alert two weeks ago said erection of 6th floor modules would begin in May, now the plan is to begin that in June.

Other elements in the new alert:
• Alleyway drainage plumbing between B2 and the arena has commenced and is anticipated to be completed during this period. Gravel backfilling will be completed upon sign off of the plumbing.
• Rough in for the MEP trades in the basement and ground floor will continue during this reporting period.
• Electrical switchgear will be delivered and installed during this reporting period.
• Block work in the cellar will continue during this reporting period, weather permitting. Interiors layout of the first floor will commence.
• Spray on fireproofing on the 1st floor and Dean Street steel will continue during this reporting period. ConEd work within the vaults has commenced.
• Hoist cars have been set. Installation of first tie-in to the 3rd floor will commence this reporting period. The hoist will be erected at the southwest corner (Dean Street & Flatbush Avenue) of the building.
• Particulate monitoring will be resumed while soil disturbing activities take place at the B2 site.
LIRR Yard Activities Block 1120 & 1121

There's no new element announced below regarding the Long Island Rail Road work, but the previous alert disclosed test pit work on Atlantic Avenue near Sixth Avenue that's apparently completed:
• Stage 2C work has commenced and consists of Support of Excavation (SOE) work along Pacific Street between Carlton Ave and Vanderbilt Ave. SOE installation includes drilling of 106 24” diameter soldier piles, installation of lagging, installation of tiebacks, excavation/disposal of soil and demolition and removal of the existing concrete retaining wall. Work is anticipated to be completed in June 2014.
• Contractor has completed drilling the 24” diameter soldier piles along Pacific Street.
• Contractor will continue installation of tiebacks, lagging, excavation of soil and demolition of the lower portion of the concrete retaining wall along Pacific Street during this reporting period.