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What happens after Barclays Center neighbors file a noise complaint? Not much.

One Barclays Center neighbor said the noise emanating from the Kanye West concerts this week was "[a]part from the Justin Bieber fans... the worst noise in my opinion since the arena opened." Another told me the noise could be heard within the Newswalk building at a point very near Carlton Avenue.

That's a problem.

But what happens when people file 311 complaints? They get blown off by the cops, and it's not really NYPD. It's not like the police have the equipment that the Department of Environmental Protection has--and occasionally brings--to measure noise violations.

(The DEP has levied one fine, which the Barclays Center paid, but has been unable to levy more, despite widespread belief by neighbors that violations continue.)

So expect some noise issues to come up at the 78th Precinct Community Council meeting next Tuesday, Nov. 26, at 7:30 at the precinct, at 6th Avenue and Bergen Street.

But it's likely police and precinct council officials will say Barclays Center issues should be brought up at the next Atlantic Yards Quality of Life Committee meeting. Such meetings are supposed to be bimonthly. The last one was 9/26/13, and the next meeting has not yet been announced.