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Do art commissions redeem the Barclays Center?

In Heather Graham, KAWS, and More Turn Out for Jose Parla Painting Unveiling at Barclays Center,
Benjamin Sutton of Blouin ArtInfo yesterday contrasted the Mickalene Thomas commission inside the arena with the new Jose Parlá piece in the Dean Street entrance:
While Thomas’s work offers a vision of Brooklyn as a city of elegant and majestic buildings, Parlá’s piece locates character in the details scribbled in the overlooked gaps between city planners’ visions and real estate developers’ money-making schemes. That both works should be housed in a building many Brooklynites find inherently antithetical — if not downright dangerous — to both those characteristics of the borough only makes the commissions more compelling.
Or, perhaps, consider that the developers' money-making schemes trumped city planners' visions. That suggests money saved could trickle down to buy some art.