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A bogus media frenzy over Jay-Z's "million-dollar" nursery at the Barclays Center

My "Barclays Center" news alert has delivered more than 40 articles, mostly from celebrity- or music-oriented web sites (but also the New York Daily News, which maybe qualifies as the latter), claiming Jay-Z 'rents $1 million nursery' or Lucky Baby! Jay-Z Rents a $1 Million Playspace for Blue Ivy.

They're all based on an US Weekly exclusive, Jay-Z Rents Luxe Nursery for $1 Million a Year at Barclays Center, which offers the following not-quite corroboration:
"Jay rents a luxurious basement suite for $1 million a year," a source says in the new issue of of Us Weekly, on stands now. "It has an area for Blue filled with toys."
Um, a suite is a suite, not a nursery. So if Jay-Z were using the suite briefly as a nursery, that still doesn't make it a million-dollar "luxe nursery." 

Also, while the Post reported that he was paying for his suite, the Times said he got it for free.

And I thought the Times, by not pointing out that contradiction, was being sloppy. Could that be as good as it will get in reporting on Jay-Z's role in the arena?

Oh, and btw, should Beyonce really be shilling for Pepsi? The Times's Mark Bittman doesn't think so.