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Gehry: change of arena architect a business decision, says his plan was within cost parameters

In a Wall Street Journal interview focusing on the new Beekman Tower (built for Forest City Ratner), Gehry on New Gehry Building, architect Frank Gehry also gets an Atlantic Yards question.

It must feel satisfying to see this tower completed after some of your other projects here, like the Guggenheim and Atlantic Yards, didn't come to fruition.
The Atlantic Yards was the same client [Forest City Ratner] and there was a business decision to change and make it a much smaller building.

It wasn't like everyone says that my building was more expensive. That wasn't it. My building was within the parameters of their program and not more expensive. I'm very careful about that.
Well, the new arena, since it's smaller, is less expensive.

As I wrote in July 2009, Gehry's design was impossible, unless all four towers wrapping it could be completed roughly in sequence.

Also, the New York Daily News reported that the high cost of safety glass had contributed to the astounding 50% increase in the announced price tag, from December 2006 to March 2008.