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Atlantic Yards/Pacific Park graphic: what's built/what's coming + FAQ (pinned post)

Does Ratner have “possession of the 22-acre Atlantic Yards property”? No, but the request for a Times correction is a month old

This isn't big news, but it's an example of how errors in the "Paper of Record," however basic, need correction, given that they could mislead readers and researchers, as with the yet-uncorrected claim that the arena would be built "on the railyards."

A 9/28/10 New York Times City Room post, headlined Latest Design Is Unveiled for Atlantic Yards Plaza, claimed that the entire 22-acre site was controlled by the developer:
Seeking a correction

I posted a comment that day saying it wasn't true, given that several properties (e.g., houses on Dean Street east of Sixth Avenue, the P.C. Richard building on Site 5) are controlled neither by the state nor the developer, and that eminent domain is supposed to proceed in at least one more phase:

I filed an official request for a correction through the proper channels and wrote to reporter Charles Bagli directly. He acknowledged the error but, for whatever reason, he and his editors have been unable or unwilling to get it corrected.

Four days ago, I posted another comment, reminding the Times of the pending request:

Comments on the Times's web site are moderated, so my comment was approved. The content, however, has been so far ignored.

You'd think the Times would be extra-careful in coverage of Forest City Ratner, the parent Times Company's business partner on the Times Tower. You'd be wrong. In fact, there was no boilerplate disclosure in the piece.

Meanwhile, the Times today publishes corrections that tell us that the first name of the daughter of an artist recently profiled is Ona, not Oona and that the surname of a customer of a designer is Rattazzi, not Ratazzi.