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Oral argument today in motion to reargue Atlantic Yards timetable case

I wrote on June 23 about the effort to get the belatedly-released Development Agreement to be considered as part of the record.

Here are the messages from Develop Don't Destroy Brooklyn and BrooklynSpeaks, both of which organized petitioners.

DDDB said:
If, as the Court ruled, the ESDC's rationale was "only minimally" supported before, it would seem that that minimal support erodes entirely due to the facts subsequently revealed in the Atlantic Yards Development Agreement.
BrooklynSpeaks said:
Judge Friedman's decision to proceed with oral arguments on the sponsors' motion to reconsider represents an important opportunity to put before the court new information from the development agreement indicating the 2009 MGPP failed to address impacts of the Atlantic Yards project that ESDC knew were not only possible, but likely. Members of the community are encouraged to join us for the June 29 hearing.