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Behind the Brooklyn Paper's LeBron-maybe-at-Toren story

I'm trying to imagine how the Brooklyn Paper went about the article headlined (online) Apartments that are fit for a king — King James and in print "A HOME FIT FOR A KING: Rumor: LeBron looked for Bklyn crib, but he shouldn't miss these palaces."

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Here's how it might have gone down.

Editor Gersh Kuntzman: "Hey, Steve, did you see that New York Times interview with Donald Capoccia, the developer of Toren?"

Reporter Stephen Brown: "Yeah."

GK: "He said LeBron James might be looking at the penthouse apartment."

SB: "Shouldn't he know? He's the developer. LeBron is kind of a noticeable individual. He's just trying to get some free publicity."

GK: "If a rumor's good enough for the Times, it's good enough for the Community Newspaper Group."

SB: "Some blogger guy checked into it and found an original purveyor of the online rumor admitted it was a joke."

GK: "We don't listen to that blogger guy any more."

SB: "But Gersh, even if LeBron joins the Nets as a free agent, he'll play in Newark for at least two years. He can't commute from Brooklyn."

GK: "Don't you understand, the story's not about the Toren and LeBron, it's about super-premium real estate still available in several buildings. That's news. Get to it. We'll even put it on the front page."

SB: "If you say so."


  1. Anonymous1:34 PM

    No no no. Gersh doesn't say "Get to it." He says "Get it done."


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