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What's happening on Block 1129? Construction Update shows layout for construction support, hints that 752 Pacific will remain

According to the Atlantic Yards Construction Update (embedded below) issued Monday, May 10, Block 1129, which once housed the Ward Bakery, a homeless shelter, and several businesses and homes, is poised to become Forest City Ratner's headquarters for arena construction, the Community Liaison Office, the community labor exchange, and much more.

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Block 1129 is the southeast block of the project footprint, bounded by Carlton and Vanderbilt avenues and Pacific and Dean streets. Pacific Street has been closed and will be demapped.

The arena site, however, is one long block away to the west, with a thriving residential block between them that will see a ton of traffic. It's an unusual situation and, as they say in the world of environmental impact statements, a significant impact. (Site maps and images here.)

Hints that 752 Pacific will remain

Also, the update suggests that Forest City Ratner will use, rather than demolish some buildings. If so, that confirms claims in a court document filed by a lawyer for longtime property owner Henry Weinstein that the developer wants to use the renovated six-story building at 752 Pacific Street as office space.

Remember, FCR executive Maryanne Gilmartin claimed in an affidavit that "[t]he prompt demolition of the buildings that remain on Block 1129 also is critical to construction of the arena."

(Photo taken December 2008 by Tracy Collins)

The Construction Update states:
The attached staging plan for block 1129 shows the interim layout for the next few months and includes locations and approximate numbers of temporary trailers for construction staff offices, storage containers, fencing, equipment staging areas, guards, access points for personnel and vehicles, construction vehicle queuing, and fire department access. The interim layout and use of Block 1129 will change as buildings become vacant and available for use or demolition as necessary. In order to prepare the block for these interim uses, the land may be regraded and trenches may be dug for installation of electric and communication conduits. Existing fences may be moved, temporarily removed and replaced and modified to accommodate the uses. All soil disturbances are being monitored in accordance with the CAMP procedures.
(Emphasis added)
Atlantic Yards Construction Update, Weeks of May10, 2010 and May17, 2010