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At the last last night for Freddy's on Dean Street, Bruce Ratner says "obey"

Yes, the official final night at Freddy's Bar & Backroom was Friday, but managers knew it would be mobbed, so they scheduled a second, unofficial closing night last night.

In the Backroom, 26 musical acts--a good number sharing a musician or two--played short sets. Many photos and videos were taken (and should surface soon enough). The bar was full, but people could move--at least during the earlier part of the evening when I stopped by.

There was frustration and emotion, but also, of course, cameraderie. For many people, Freddy's has been that "third place," the not-work, not-home space where you meet your friends or simply where you are known.

This image of developers Bruce Ratner was distributed last night on postcard-sized stickers.

Freddy's is not about logos, other than some neon beer signs in the window. The sponsor-heavy successor structure near the corner of Dean Street and Sixth Avenue will be plastered with logos.