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Photos: Prokhorov at Ratner's mall, looking down at his domain, with Bruce and Marty

This past week, new Nets majority owner Mikhail Prokhorov ventured boldly... to the top of Forest City Ratner's Atlantic Center mall to look down on his--well, the state's, his, and Ratner's--(eminent) domain.

(Photos via the Nets' Prokhorov Tracker.)

The first photo, with Bruce Ratner, seems to suggest that the arena block is almost completely a blank slate. Not quite, as Tracy Collins has shown. Then again, Forest City Ratner has done funny things with photos before.

Do you think Ratner explained how he got $131 million in public funds to purchase land for the arena site? (That's separate from the discounted price on the railyard.)

The second photo is a meet-and-greet with Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz, who's more than a foot shorter at 5'5". Markowitz didn't issue a press release.

What--is he not certain that Prokhorov has Brooklyn's best interests at heart, ready to deliver "affordable houses and jobs"? Did Markowitz tell Prokhorov how few Brooklyn elected officials attended the groundbreaking in March?