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The Rocawear Pop Shop was supposed to come to "Atlantic Yard"

Rocawear, the clothing line co-founded by hip-hop superstar Jay-Z (a fractional owner of the New Jersey Nets), was apparently supposed to come to the Atlantic Yards footprint yesterday, via a mobile store known as a Rocawear Pop Shop.

According to the Roc4Life blog, the Pop Shop was to be in residence April 6-18 at "Atlantic Yard, Brooklyn, NY." According to one report,"On Monday April 6, the tour finishes in Jay’s native Brooklyn at Flatbush and 6th Avenue, located across from Atlantic Yard."

There certainly are empty lots in the AY footprint that could accommodate a Pop Shop. But no such store was spotted by me or another person who checked it out yesterday. Nor was there a Pop Shop nudging out Yummy Taco at Flatbush and 6th.

Did the store's promoters go astray looking for "Atlantic Yard"? Or is everything AY-related delayed?

(Update: another post indicated the Pop Shop's timing as "TBD".)

For more on the store, go to the site of designer d-ash design.