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If Brooklyn falls through, are the Meadowlands and Flushing options for the Nets?

Conventional wisdom is that the new Prudential Center in Newark would be the future home of the New Jersey Nets should plans for the Brooklyn arena fall through and current or future ownership keeps the team in the New York area. (Another option is a sale to out-of-state owners.)

Then again, maybe they could stay right where they are.

An Izod upgrade?

Sports Business Journal reports:
The New Jersey Sports and Exposition Authority plans to select an architect in the next few weeks to design upgrades to Izod Center, but it’s not a ploy to keep the Nets from leaving the Meadowlands.

...“They know we are very interested in having the Nets remain at Izod Center long term should the Brooklyn project not materialize,” [authority President Dennis] Robinson said

Northern New Jersey, however, can't support two arenas; the Newark Star-Ledger has pointed out that, for the Prudential Center to thrive, it needs the Izod's lucrative concert trade.

The future of the two arenas is a political decision for the governor, and the incumbent, Jon Corzine, has to worry about getting re-elected before taking sides.

What about Flushing?

The same Sports Business Journal column reported on another even more surprising possibility:
U.S. Tennis Association managing director Danny Zausner has made no secret of his desire for an NBA or NHL team to inhabit Arthur Ashe Stadium if a roof were built to enclose the facility.

The proposal the USTA sent to 10 to 12 architects to develop a roof confirms his wish: The group expects designers to address how a covered, 22,547-seat building could be used for basketball, concerts, boxing and other events.

The stadium has hosted one outdoor WNBA game.