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Is AY site in Fort Greene? Flashback to an odd caption

Though the New York Times has made several errors, large and small, in its Atlantic Yards coverage, I think a disproportionate number have been in captions (e.g., here, here, here, and here).

Captions can be treacherous, given that they are often written by a harried copy editor who doesn't know the story that well.

Still, that's no excuse for identifying buildings within the Atlantic Yards footprint as located in Fort Greene rather than Prospect Heights, as indicated by the caption in this 4/2/05 Times article.

(The caption also includes the superimposed AY footprint, with streets already demapped, though the northern boundary of the property at issue remains Pacific Street.)

Despite the Times's stated policy of correcting "all its factual errors, large and small," I'll assume that the failure to correct this--I did request a correction, to no avail--falls under the explanation, as per the Corrections Editor, "There is a limit to how many old articles we can correct in print."