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Does a lousy record help the Nets go green?

From Sports Business Journal:
The New Jersey Nets earlier this year were recognized by The CarbonNeutral Co. for their ongoing green efforts. The team hosted six Green Nights last season and plans to host six more during the 2008-09 season, drawing fan attention to environmental issues with in-arena signage and handouts promoting eco-friendly tips.

I wrote about the issue last March, pointing out that the greenest thing would be to move to an urban arena, with Newark being the most immediate option.

A commenter on NetsDaily made a similar point, with a twist:
One way for the Nets to “Go Green” is to play in a location that is within reach of mass transit. What is the carbon footprint of the cars in the IZOD parking lot at their games?
Maybe the Nets having a bad year will be good for the climate crisis. Meanwhile, the players all have to drive to their practice facilities. I doubt a single player on that team drives a Prius or Civic hybrid.

I’d like to know just what the Nets are doing to be “carbon neutral” given the above…

In any case, it’s good the issue is on their radar screen.