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As Forest City's stock continues to plunge, one project is scrapped

As the stock of Forest City Enterprises (FCE) continued its mind-boggling fall--down nearly 18% yesterday to $3.42, a new low, and 93% for the year--the casualties have begun.

Yesterday, the Columbus Dispatch reported that Bayly Pointe, a project planned for 1000 acres in central Ohio, had been scrapped. Why? A letter from the company cited the poor economy and infrastructure issues.

Lessons for AY?

This doesn't necessarily signal anything about the developer's plans for Atlantic Yards, because Bayly Pointe had not yet been approved.

The developer, and its local arm Forest City Ratner, surely aim to hold onto a project like Atlantic Yards that has increased in value by gaining governmental approvals. After all, they "control the pace."

But the tanking stock has to concentrate the mind. Either Forest City Enterprises is headed for oblivion or it's a very good buy.