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A Brooklyn daily? Yes, but...

A reader took me to task for my musing yesterday about the failures to cover the Atlantic Yards eminent domain hearing: "Imagine Brooklyn as a separate city with its own daily newspaper. The Atlantic Yards case would've been front and center."

Brooklyn does have its own daily (Mon.-Fri.), I'm reminded, the small circulation Brooklyn Daily Eagle. Still, that's not the same as a metro daily with the heft and budget of, say, a Philadelphia Inquirer or a Houston Chronicle. The Eagle has about the same handful of reporters as do the weekly Brooklyn Paper or Courier-Life chains, and the Eagle doesn't try to cover the whole boro. Moreover, its unfortunate registration-only web presence limits its reach.

The Eagle did cover the court hearing Wednesday, with a 427-word article. A more substantial Brooklyn daily, I'd imagine, would've given it more space. The New York Sun, by contrast, managed 669 words. I thought it was worth a lot more than that.