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Atlantic Yards/Pacific Park graphic: what's built/what's coming + FAQ (pinned post)

Still waiting for details about the final AY changes

So, what did it all mean, that December 20 statement by Forest City Ratner about last-minute changes in the Atlantic Yards project, deemed "additional community initiatives and enhanced housing program"?

We don't yet know the details about the dimensions of Miss Brooklyn (it's shorter but is it as bulky?), the affordable homeowner units, the contribution to parks, and the plan for a new Brooklyn Tech high school. And it's not clear when we'll know.

On December 21, I e-mailed follow-up questions to the Empire State Development Corporation:
I'd like to get some details and documentation, if possible, regarding the changes and concessions announced yesterday.
--what will be the revised height and square footage of Miss Brooklyn?
--when would the 200 onsite homeowner units be built, and for what income brackets? How is that memorialized? is it in the GPP [General Project Plan]?
--when would the 600-800 offsite homeowner units be built, and for what income brackets? How is that memorialized? is it in the GPP?
--the $3M for parks--when would that be delivered, and does that include the $1.25M+ already announced for the Dean Street playground?
--The "new 21st Century Brooklyn Tech High School"--would this be a successor to the current Brooklyn Tech or in addition to it? what does it mean for Forest City to "work with" the city/state/UFT? and would Forest City have any option to acquire the existing Brooklyn Tech building?

ESDC: still waiting

Last week, I reminded ESDC spokeswoman Jessica Copen of my questions, and received the following response:
As reported, Forest City Ratner has agreed to make additional project enhancements beyond what is set forth in the GPP. These agreements include reducing the proposed height of Ms. Brooklyn (to below 512 feet); providing $3 million for improvements to existing parks; pursuing the development of affordable home ownership units on site; and assisting with efforts to create a new Brooklyn Tech School.

ESDC is discussing these items with Forest City and the City and at some later date will release additional information.