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Citizens Union head declares AY "sensitive" development

Dick Dadey, president of the Citizens Union, on 12/18/06 called for a "limited delay" in the approval of the Atlantic Yards plan, raising questions about the environmental mitigations announced and the project finances:
“The fact that the Empire State Development Corporation, when it adopted the plan, failed to make any public mention of lowering significantly its estimate of how much tax revenue the project would generate is emblematic of our concerns."

However, now that the project--which Dadey took pains not to oppose--has passed, he pronounces it just fine. A 1/1/07 New York Times article headlined Wave of Development, Cleared for Takeoff, reported:
“Say what you want about the scope and size of development,” he added, “the projects that are being approved are more sensitive to the current communities and neighborhoods or to creating new ones — like the new Downtown Brooklyn — than Moses ever was.”
Moreover, Mr. Dadey said, “the community boards no longer have the sway they once did over stopping local projects,” and some local groups are even supporting development — “trying to encourage it responsibly in ways that benefit a greater number of people.”

Well, the "sensitivity" includes an override of zoning, and regulations regarding the size of signage and the placement of an arena near residential areas, among other things. And "some local groups" are often paid local groups.

It makes you wonder what kind of due diligence Dadey has done. Probably not with the blazing radicals at Community Board 6 and District Manager Craig Hammerman.