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Atlantic Yards/Pacific Park graphic: what's built/what's coming + FAQ (pinned post)

Two errors in nationwide AP story on AY

There were two fundamental errors in an otherwise reasonably balanced Associated Press story that appeared in dozens of newspapers nationwide today. The article, headlined Project Divides Brooklyn Residents in most papers, states: The $4.2 billion Atlantic Yards project, to be built over a rail yard...

As noted multiple times, and as the New York Times has finally gotten right, the 22-acre project would be built over and around the 8.3-acre railyard.

Another error was more subtle. The article stated:
Supporters say the hearing illustrated the breadth of an extraordinary local coalition in favor of the plan

So the AP didn't take the statement as gospel. But it didn't provide rebuttal either, and thus didn't acknowledge that the "extraordinary" coalition mainly of groups that stand to benefit from the project, and that the Community Benefits Agreement differs significantly from those pioneering agreements negotiated in Los Angeles, where signatories refuse to accept money from the developer.

Of course the affordable housing deal gets a bare summary:
Under the deal, 50 percent of the 4,500 rental apartments proposed would go to people with income starting at $21,270 per family of four and reaching $113,440.

What it doesn't say is how many of the affordable apartments would be accessible to typical members of ACORN, which negotiated the deal. Answer: less than one-third.